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Restore Balance Naturally

What is NADA?

The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) is, "a not-for-profit training and advocacy organization, encourages community wellness through the use of a standardized auricular acupuncture protocol for behavioral health, including addictions, mental health, and disaster & emotional trauma. We work to improve access and effectiveness of care through promoting policies and practices which integrate NADA-style treatment with other Western behavioral health modalities." info from

What is the NADA protocol?

The protocol involves the placement of small, sterilized, disposable stainless steel needles in five specific locations on each ear of a client receiving treatment.  Treatment is typically completed in a  group setting on a regular basis and lasts 30-45 minutes per session.  During sessions, little interaction between the client and provider occurs and is mostly non-verbal.  The NADA Acu-Detox protocol has been successful in reducing cravings for addictions including drugs and alcohol and lessening withdrawal symptoms.  Clients report being more relaxed and comfortable after receiving this treatment.

Informational Video on Auricular Acupuncture


Radio Show - WEPM 1340 AM


Resources on Acupuncture and Addiction


Go to the Calendar section to view and register for NADA Specialist Training classes with Dr. Hisghman.


Please note that Dr. Hisghman is willing to travel to provide training onsite at your facility. 


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Dr. Hisghman and Turi Turkel present a seasonal balance on March 20th at Turiya Yoga Center in Berryville, VA. Details on the calendar page.  Sign up now.


Legacy Wellness Center is hosting an IAMHEART  meditation workshop on March 30 and 31.  See calendar page for info.






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